Reverse flow project: providing the missing link

TENP and Transitgas systems:
South to North capacity as from end of summer 2018

Along the gas transmission route between the UK and Italy, only the UK-Interconnector pipeline and the network in Belgium can flow gas in both directions. The TENP system in Germany and the Transitgas system in Switzerland as well as the Italian network to date can move physical gas flows from north to south only.

In early 2015 Fluxys has made the final investment decisions to make the TENP and Transitgas systems bidirectional and thus to enable transports from Italy to Germany. As from end of summer 2018 shippers will be able to move gas from Italy through Switzerland to Germany and France. Furthermore also the gas transport through Switzerland from Germany to France as well as from France to Germany will be possible.


Increased security of supply through diversification

The TENP and Transitgas systems are significant transport routes in the European gas network. The investments to make them bidirectional are aligned with the reverse flow project of the Italian operator Snam and will enhance diversification of sources of supply and thus the security of supply for Switzerland, France, Germany and onwards. The range of sources currently available in Italy includes gas from Azerbaijan and Africa and also LNG terminals. The expansion of the Southern Gas Corridor will provide access to gas from more sources.

The gas flows from Italy and from the connected sources will support the conversion from L-gas to H-gas in Germany. This is particularly important as the L-gas imports from the Netherlands and the German exploration will decline from 2020 onwards and will have to be substituted by H-gas imports. Making the TENP and Transitgas systems bidirectional will also increase the liquidity between the gas trading places: the Italian PSV, the French PEGs and the NCG (NetConnect Germany) in Germany.

For the first time in Europe: construction of a deodorization plant

The planned investments include flow reversal work at compressor stations located both in Switzerland and Germany as well as the construction of a deodorization plant. This deodorization plant will make a decisive contribution to the further development of the interoperability technology in Europe as it will enable imports of gas from countries with other odorization practices into Germany.

Adjustment of investments in accordance with the market demand

Considering the expected development of the European gas exploration and the future import flows into Germany and Europe, Fluxys has decided to make initial investments to provide south to north capacity on the TENP and Transitgas systems. Fluxys will hereby contribute to a stronger interconnected and more flexible European gas market.

In case of growing market demand for south to north capacity, the currently decided investments can be increased progressively in order to offer also capacity into the GASPOOL market area in Germany and into Belgium. This would enable physical gas transport from Italy through Germany and Belgium to the UK, hence connecting the three largest European gas markets.

The Action "Reverse Flow on TENP – Studies" is co-financed by the European Union's Connecting Europe Facility.

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